Is it possible for me to obtain a waiver of the application fee?

  • Fee waivers are considered to applications who have academically disadvantaged background on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact if you have a question about the fee waiver!

 Do I have an adviser I should be speaking and meeting with prior to the semester starting?

  • Yes, you will be assigned a first year advisor.

When and how do I get an email account for the universities?

  • Each student is randomly assigned to either Pitt or CMU. Should you be a Pitt student, you will receive an email notifying you of your Pitt address once the program coordinator has entered you into the university system. If you are a CMU student, you will receive your CMU email address at orientation.

How do I sign up for classes? Is there a website which has my enrollment information?

  • The program coordinator will take care of your fall enrollment. You will enroll yourself online after the first semester. The program coordinator will email you detailed instructions each semester.

How soon should I line up my rotations? Do you suggest I start with the professor I most interested in or save rotations in his lab until my 2nd or 3rd rotation? Is there a formal enrollment for rotations?

  • You are always welcome to begin talking with faculty over the summer into fall. Your first rotation will begin in October, so you have time in your selection. You will be formally enrolled for your lab rotation, & the program coordinator will take care of enrolling you for the fall semester.

When do I begin to receive money from the stipend?

  • You will receive your first pay check on the last business day of September. Your official start date is September 1st.

Do you have other questions?