Faculty who wish to join the program shall submit their CV's to the Membership Subcommittee for review at MBSBinfo@medschool.pitt.edu.  Faculty are appointed to the program for five year terms and are reviewed at the end of each term to ensure that they remain active in molecular biophysics as well as in the program activities.

Criteria for membership

(1) An active (funded) program of research in an area that would be recognized as molecular biophysics by the international community.

(2) Active participation in the MBSB program (beyond simply advising students within one's own research group). This participation could include teaching graduate courses organized by the program and/or the Molecular Biophysics and Structural Biology Seminar Series.

(3) One of the priorities of the program is obtaining training grants to support its students. Therefore one of the important requirements for participation in the program is that the prospective faculty member be viewed as an asset to this end.