The MBSB program is one of the graduate programs participating in the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP), which is the MD/PhD program of the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). The MSTP was established in 1983 to offer exceptionally talented individuals the opportunity to undertake a physician-scientist training program tailored to their specific research interests. It is funded partly by the Medical Scientist Training Program of the National Institutes of Health. MBSB/MSTP students meet the degree requirements of both the MBSB graduate program and the medical school, thus acquiring the knowledge, skills, and experience in one of the most exciting areas of medical research. The MSTP program offers a range of special services and opportunities that facilitate the completion of a dual degree. The close integration of clinical and basic science training provides a unique preparation for a future career that integrates both medicine and fundamental research in molecular biophysics and structural biology. Most MBSB faculty members are eligible to act as MSTP mentors, whether at CMU or the University of Pittsburgh. 

MSTP students first take two years of medical school training, interspersed with research rotations in MBSB research labs. This is followed by graduate training and PhD research in the MBSB program, after which the students return to the medical school training program. Additional information about the MSTP, the MSTP curriculum, and application process can be found on the MSTP website. For more specifics about the MBSB requirements, please consult the MBSB handbook.

Applicants with an interest in MBSB/MSTP training are encouraged to contact the MBSB program, as well as any MBSB faculty that are engaged in research of potential interest. The annual admissions deadline is in mid October (see MSTP website), but applicants are strongly encouraged to apply early.


For further information on the participation of MBSB and its faculty at both CMU and the University of Pittsburgh in the MSTP program, please feel encouraged to contact the MBSB-MSTP liaison, listed below.

MSTP-MBSB Liaison: Andy Hinck, e-mail: